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Blog posts include small “bites” of yoga therapy techniques (movement, breathing, mindfulness, and more) and definitions of common Sanskrit words. Techniques shared in the blog are simple tools to support your serenity!

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Kosha Defined

You may have never heard the word kosha before, but it is the basis for yoga therapy and addressing imbalance. Yoga philosophy posits physical, subtle, and causal aspects of each person that are...

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Restorative Crocodile

A practice that I find super yummy is a variation of what is called crocodile. To practice the restorative version, grab a pillow and find a cozy place to lie down. Lay on your belly, propping your...

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Vayu Defined

Today we're looking at the Sanskrit word vayu. Literally translated, it is wind. In the sense of the 5 prana vayus, they are the "winds," or particular movements of energy, Prana. They are: prana...

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Palming the Eyes

Today I offer you all the wonderful practice of palming the eyes. In yoga philosophy, the eyes are one way we take in prana, or the energy of reception (one of five subsets of Prana, vital life...

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Yogic Marching Practice

Yogic marching is a tool you can take into the doings of life - while waiting in line, getting ready for the day, etc. Start by standing with your weight in both feet, distributed among your heels,...

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Asana Defined

If you have practiced yoga in a classroom setting, or on YouTube, you have no doubt heard the word asana. It is the plural form of the word asan, which literally means seat. Modern yoga translations...

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