A yoga tool that can be helpful during the hubbub of a busy season is a breathing practice called apana vayu breathing. A vayu is a particular movement of energy in the system, and apana vayu as the energy of letting go. Apana moves downward and out, hence it is grounding and rooting – a boon during a busy season.

Try apana vayu breathing for yourself and let me know how you feel afterwards. Start by finding a comfortable seat and centering your weight over your sitting bones. Sit in a way that allows you to feel the movement of your breath, and begin by just noticing the breath moving in and out, inviting ease into the system.

Watch the breath¬†(with your mind’s eye) as it moves into the body, and as it moves out visualize it moving down past your sitting bones and continuing down into the earth. Take a few breaths like this, feeling the shift that comes with directing your awareness toward the earth on the exhale. When it feels right, return to a regular pattern of breathing and notice how you feel before continuing with your day.