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Blog posts include small “bites” of yoga therapy techniques (movement, breathing, mindfulness, and more) and definitions of common Sanskrit words. Techniques shared in the blog are simple tools to support your serenity!

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Pranayama Defined

Let's explore the Sanskrit word pranayama. Prana is our life force energy, and pranayama includes various ways of working with the breath to affect change in our prana. Leslie Kaminoff calls it the...

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Anjali Mudra

A mudra is a gesture, mark, or seal, and in yoga it is common to use hand mudras to affect prana. Anjali mudra, or prayer hands in front of the heart, might be the most familiar mudra for many...

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Bhakti Yoga Defined

Today we're exploring the Sanskrit word bhakti. Bhakti (pronounced Bach there's a visual!) can simply be defined as devotion to God. Bhakti yoga is one of the 4 paths of yoga in yoga...

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Apana Vayu Breathing

A yoga tool that can be helpful during the hubbub of a busy season is a breathing practice called apana vayu breathing. A vayu is a particular movement of energy in the system, and apana vayu as the...

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Do You Know Squat?

Do you know squat? Or as we call it in yoga, malasana? In the west, we don't often squat to eat, pick things up, or use the restroom, and to our detriment. A strong lower body is necessary in most...

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Chikitsa Defined

A common term in Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga), chikitsa, is the transliteration of the Sanskrit word often defined simply as "therapy." Yoga chikitsa applies the tools of yoga...

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