A practice that I find super yummy is a variation of what is called crocodile. To practice the restorative version, grab a pillow and find a cozy place to lie down. Lay on your belly, propping your shins and ankles up on the pillow. I like to place my arms up in a cactus shape, but you can also have them down by your side (in which case you’ll need to support your shoulders with small towels – see photos below for options). If you have a deeper rib cage, you will need something under your head as well.

You will know you’ve got it when the body says “Ahhhh.” Take your gaze to one side for a few minutes, and then switch to the other side. Allow the breath to be easy, feeling the torso expand gently into the floor with each inhale, and softening with each exhale. Enjoy a child’s pose or other stretch before moving back into your day.