Christina sitting cross-legged in a forest practicing breath awareness

A practice I am so happy to share with you is a short breathing inquiry. It is a practice you can do anytime, anywhere.

Get started by finding a neutral alignment, something that gives you space but doesn’t feel forced. Soften your gaze or close your eyes. Begin to have an awareness of your breath moving in your body. Follow the path of the breath, and get curious about where you feel it and where you don’t. Notice the front of your body, the sides, the back. Can you soften everything the breath touches?

Imagine you are breathing all the way to your fingers and toes. How does that change things? What sensations arise? Breathe in such a way that you allow every cell in your body to notice the breath, to become acquainted with it. Spend 1-5 minutes here.

Allow your breathing to return to normal. Notice how things have shifted since you began the inquiry. Take a moment to bookmark this feeling. Slowly blink your eyes open, and enjoy your day.

Want to further develop breath awareness?