Today I offer you all the wonderful practice of palming the eyes. In yoga philosophy, the eyes are one way we take in prana, or the energy of reception (one of five subsets of Prana, vital life force energy). Especially in modern times with screens and devices, the eyes need a little R&R. One thing you can do is gaze far off into the horizon several times each day, giving the muscles used for close-up work a break. The other is palming the eyes.

According to the Bates Association for Vision Education, “the warmth of your hands relaxes the six muscles around each eye and attracts more energy and blood flow. The darkness relaxes the ciliary muscles, retina and optic nerves.” Pretty cool, right? Begin by rubbing your palms together and building a little heat. Then place your palm to rest on the bone around your eye socket, with very gentle pressure (your eyes can be open or closed). You may notice that your breathing changes, or the feeling of a sigh without the actual sigh. Stay here for a handful of breaths. Remove your hands and notice how you feel.