This practice is like yoga dessert. sites the benefits of laughter yoga as uplifting your mood, reducing stress, boosting the immune system, reducing fatigue, improved quality of life and managing hardship better.

Laughter yoga is considered aerobic exercise, so if you have a New Year’s resolution to get more exercise, this just might set you up for success. So what is laughter yoga? It is essentially exercises you can do to facilitate laughter – whether fake or genuine is of no consequence; the benefits are the same.

There are many online laughter yoga videos (check out Bianca Spears), and if you are local to Austin, the Westbank Community Library has a free class monthly (on Zoom since the pandemic).

Here are a couple of short exercises to try:

1) Hold an imaginary cell phone and laugh out loud.

2) Silent laughter. With a partner or with yourself in a mirror, open your mouth as if you are laughing hysterically, but don’t let any sound come out.

Let me know how the laughter flows!