The first concept I want to introduce to you is dinacharya, pronounced dee-nah-CHAR-ee-yah.

Dinacharya is essentially a daily routine, the rhythm of your day. When we have a regular routine of eating, activity, rest, hygeine, and sleep, it promotes balance. It signals to our body that all is well, and smooths the path toward wellness.

A great way to get started with dinacharya is to have regular sleep and wake times, regular meal times, and a morning and bedtime routine. A morning routine might include drinking room temperature water, tongue scraping, brushing your teeth, washing your face, a short movement practice and a quiet time for reading, prayer, etc.

A bedtime routine might include a calming movement practice, meditation, shower, a gratitude practice, and journaling. Having a bedtime routine for screens and electronic devices, about 1-2 hours before sleep, is an important component for optimal sleep. Dinacharya promotes a healthy circadian rhythm.