Yoga is a tool for developing awareness of mind, body, and spirit. This awareness can help you prevent injury, manage stress, and explore the eternal. A consistent practice clears your lens, allowing you to see things as they truly are. Unhelpful behaviors and beliefs are shed, and a path opens up for you to surrender to something bigger. I look forward to guiding you in relinquishing well.



What my students are saying:

“I enjoyed the yoga classes. I left with my stress melted away and my mind and body slowed down so my body could heal from the fast paced life I live.”

Emily J.

“I am so glad that I was able to meet up with Christina’s yoga class this past summer! Her relaxation yoga is just what I needed to get my mind focused on the positives in my life after some long, emotional months. Christina is patient and caring. She made me feel free to move my body as much or as little as I needed while instructing the class through each yoga position. I would definitely attend another class and recommend others to visit and join.”

Karla F.

“My shoulders are currently healing from an injury. Christina’s modifications were perfect.”

Travis C.

“I liked the idea of strength coupled with ease and how to also incorporate that into life in general.”

Sheila H.

“I’m grateful to have had time set aside to pay attention to and do things that are helpful to my body. Stretching, posture and breathing awareness have been really beneficial, plus the relaxation exercises at the end.”

Leila W.